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Online Financial Planning, Transaction Platform - DO IT Yourself

Plan finances like professionals on LIFE PLANNER - Be your own Financial Advisor

•  Define your Goals & Aspirations
   (Like - Retirement, home, kid's professional education, kid's higher education, kid's marriage, car of your choice, wealth creation)

•  Evaluate and Streamline your existing Insurance policies, Investments & Loans

•  Invest for goals, considering inflation, preferred investment instruments & family values

Jitna Zaroorat Ho Utna Kharido - PLAN KARKE SAHI KHARIDO

Life Planner Dashboard - always be updated with real time reports on your different life stages

Life Planner

  • For - family who wants to achieve all objectives in totality
  • Best online Comprehensive Financial Planning Software
  • Step 1. Create Profile in 30 min.
  • Step 2. Update Changes (if any)
  • Step 3. Choose or Review Strategy
  • Step 4. Transact online
  • .
  • One single account for family for life time

Transaction Platform

  • Best Online Transaction Platform
  •   Mutual funds, Life Insurance, Health Insurance,
          Motor Insurance, Loans, Fixed Deposits. . . .
  •   Invest online Or at door step
  •   Review & Monitor Online

What You Get

testmonial icon Testimonials What our clients say about us

Mr.Himanshu Vyapak

Deputy CEO

Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited

Planyourworld is a really innovative yet simplistic one-stop solution provided by Adad Fin Advisors Pvt. Ltd and one of the first Life-planning platforms I have come across. The “Do It Yourself” approach followed makes it very interesting for families to use this easily for planning and managing their life. This approach not only helps in understanding one’s current state of financial affairs better but also helps to realign and streamline the same to your short-term and long-term life goals

The biggest benefit is that the platform provides the ease of executing strategies online which makes a truly one stop solution which will help create financial awareness and enhance overall financial inclusion in our country. Really appreciate this initiative from Adad Fin Advisors and would like to personally complement Mr. Viplav Majumdar for this initiative to make masses aware of principles of Financial Planning and extend our best wishes & support to him at all times!!

Knowledge Centre

Financial Planning - Life Planning

Financial planning is the process of achieving life goals with peace of mind and following a systematic approach of need analysis depending on current assets, liabilities, goals, short fall or surplus funds. Depending on Goals the path of achievement is determined. Defining road map is a critical decision making process as to indentify the best fit in product in your situation is the most important thing while starting a ride on the journey. In the goal achievement process defining the vehicle of investment may actually save towards another goal of life. Hence buying suitable products which fit in the situation of individual is an integral part of this process. Financial planning is a regular process which involves regular progress check and reviews.

Planyourworld.orgTM is the best online financial planning, transaction platform to plan your life at one place in India. This gives you Online Transaction platform to transact for different financial products online. The Comprehensive planning section of the website is known as LIFE PLANNER. Life Planner works on DO IT YOURSELF mode. With this online financial planner you can become your own planner. It is always live and families can use this portal for whole life securely. With Life Planner families can plan, manage and stream line their entire finances at one place for life time. This is a very easy to use software for common families.